Demonization. Dehumanization. Discrimination, sedition:

Collective hate crimes in Turkey.


July 15, 2016. A coup attempt that fails. More than 200 people lose their lives. A president who calls the coup “God’s blessing”. The hate speech and dehumanization of the Gülen-inspired people bears its fruits: President Erdogan accuses the movement the same night – without evidence, without investigation.

He didn’t need them either, since his large following is ready to believe this due to years of defamation and dehumanization, and to declare an entire movement the ultimate scapegoat.

His supporters, who were told to take to the streets daily after Erdogan’s coup attempt, complied with this request for weeks. At the same time, the accusations and allegations against Hizmet supporters and Fetullah Gülen became increasingly aggressive.

The consequences of incitement of the people and calls for violence against Hizmet-engaged:

Two years later, the witch hunt against Hizmet sympathizers continues in the most brutal way not only in Turkey, but also in many different countries. The attacks did not end at Turkish borders, numerous illegal expropriations, kidnappings and arrests were planned and carried out by the Turkish secret service, which has set up its own department for this purpose.

The result:

Because of their “collective identity”

171,252 people were deprived of their freedom[i],

138,148 civil servants have been suspended and excluded from the labor market,

4,463 judges and prosecutors lost their jobs,

8,271 academics were dismissed,

– a total of 3,003 educational institutions such as kindergartens, schools, dormitories and universities have been closed.[ii]


The witch hunt against the movement around Gülen

The incitement of the people in Erdogan’s Turkey


“We will punish them so harshly that they will plead:

‘Let us die so that we may be redeemed.’ We will force them to beg us. We will throw them into holes so deep that they will not see sunlight as long as they breathe. ‘Kill us’, they will beg us. Even if we executed them, my heart would not be at peace. They will die in two-square-meter holes like sewer rats.”

Nihat Zeybekci, Minister of Economy of Turkey [iii]


“Because of the state of emergency, if I shoot you, no one will care about you. I will say: ‘I shot him because he was trying to escape.’ You won’t make it out of here alive! We have 30 days left!”

Policeman to an arrested man [iv]


“Legal, administrative, financial and criminal liabilities do not arise for people who made decisions and fulfilled your duties under the extraordinary condition, regardless of what kind of crimes they committed.”

Reasoning of the prosecutor Esref Aktas, who refused to investigate allegations of torture and ill-treatment of a detainee [v]


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