Jobs at Loquet

Join our team as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator and play a vital role in identifying, attracting, and selecting exceptional individuals to join our organization. You’ll collaborate with hiring managers, conduct interviews, manage recruitment processes, and ensure a seamless candidate experience. Bring your passion for talent acquisition and help us build a team that will shape the future of Loquet.

We are seeking a meticulous and tech-savvy Project Digital Archivist to preserve and organize our extensive collection of digital assets. Your expertise in data management, metadata tagging, and archival practices will ensure the accessibility and longevity of our digital archives. Work closely with our curators and technology teams to safeguard the past and present for future generations at Loquet.

As a Postdoctoral Fellow at Loquet, you’ll embark on a transformative research journey, pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. Collaborate with our esteemed team of scholars, explore interdisciplinary projects, and contribute to the intellectual legacy of our institution. This position offers a supportive environment, access to state-of-the-art resources, and opportunities to publish and present your findings.

Join our dynamic leadership team as an Associate Director and drive strategic initiatives to propel Loquet into the future. Your experience in arts management, fundraising, and program development will be instrumental in expanding our impact and engaging diverse audiences. Collaborate with visionary colleagues, build partnerships, and contribute to shaping the vision and direction of our institution.

As a Member Relations Coordinator, you’ll foster meaningful connections with our valued members, ensuring they receive exceptional experiences and enjoy the full benefits of their membership. Engage members through personalized communications, organize special events, and provide dedicated support. Your passion for cultivating relationships and creating memorable moments will be key to enhancing the membership journey at Loquet.

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    Das Tenkil Museum ist eine Erinnerung an das schreckliche Potenzial der Menschheit für Gewalt und unmenschliche Handlungen.

    Die Opfer, die unter der systematischen Unterdrückung der derzeitigen türkischen Regierung leiden, verwenden den Begriff TENKİL um diese Menschenjagd zu beschreiben.

    TENKİL bedeutet wörtlich systematische Unterdrückung, Ausgrenzung, Vertreibung, Auslöschung und Entfernung aus dem öffentlichen Raum sowie Ausrottung.

    Um es bildlich zu beschreiben: TENKİL ist das vollständige Verschwinden von allen Möglichkeiten, so dass eine Person keine Wurzeln mehr schlagen und keine Früchte mehr tragen kann.