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The NGO TENKIL Museum e.V. was founded to draw attention to the scope of human rights violations in Turkey.

TENKIL is the term used by victims of the ongoing systematic persecution to describe the witch-hunt they have to face in Turkey.

The stories of the arrested, fled or unfortunately deceased victims of the Turkish regime should serve as a memorial for all of humanity and never let us forget that such atrocities are possible in a society in which fundamental rights and freedoms are being abolished step by step.

With this in mind, the Tenkil Museum e.V.  is committed to promoting human rights, an understanding of democracy and peaceful coexistence in a society characterized by diversity.

Tenkil Museum Association Board of Directors

President of the Association

Mehmet Ali Uludağ

Vice President of the Association

Mümine Tülay Açıkkollu

Vice President of the Association

Halit Soylu

Association Member

Yasemin Aydın El Hassan

Association Member

Murat Akçabay

Association Member

Yasin Kesen