The wristbands and belongings you see in this museum belong to İbrahim Vuslat Kılcan, who was 19 years old when he died, in the spring of his life. The mechanical parts that you see on the side are the apparatus of the heart support device, which he was connected to in the last three years of his life due to his severe illness.

A report showing that he was 100 percent disabled, dozens of different reports taken from hospitals, even heart transplantation was not enough for his father to be with him in his last moments. At the morning after the night Ibrahim Vuslat Kılcan passed away, justice in Turkey was hardly convinced that the kid was seriously ill and needed his father.

But it was too late, Ibrahim had a crisis and was longing for his father when he died. The pain of not seeing him alive for a last time, missing him with just one hour, was left to his father. İbrahim Vuslat Kılcan, born in 2000, was diagnosed with heart failure at the end of 2014. Then, a related muscle disease developed. The diagnosis showed that in the long run he absolutely needed a heart transplant. While he was receiving treatment in Erzurum, his family arranged things in Ege University to take advantage of the better medical facilities there. Meanwhile, after his school was shut down in February 2015, father İrfan Oğuz Kılcan, a literature teacher at Aziziye College in Erzurum, decided to move to İzmir for the treatment of İbrahim.

To take care of his son and his treatment, İrfan Kılcan did not get a job. İbrahim lived for three years with a heart support device. In February 2018, a suitable heart was found and a heart transplant was performed. İbrahim was the first person with a muscle disorder to have a heart transplant. After the transplantation process, 6 months adaptation process started. Meanwhile, the patient had to be in a completely sterile environment, he had to receive regular care, morale and motivation, and regular physical therapy for muscle disease.

The family’s life turned into a nightmare with an ongoing investigation in Diyarbakır. On April 9, 2018, when father İrfan Kılcan was going to the hospital to his son, police came to his house, toke him into custody, and took him to Diyarbakır. With his father leaving, İbrahim lost his best friend. Because of his illness, he had not made many friends. His sickness progressed with the despond and stress. He fainted and his blood pressure hiked. External factors that could trigger a crisis in the adaptation process could be fatal. And they really became fatal.

Father İrfan served 14 months in prison. While his trials continued, his son İbrahim watched two hearings on his wheelchair. The family repeatedly objected, verbally and in writing. They also brought reports stating that İbrahim was in a hard situation, that he needed his father, and he should stay stress-free with good morale. Every attempt was made for release of the father on probation pending a trial, but the court was never convinced. The father İrfan tells, “My son had come to court twice, the judges saw him personally. We said, “The kid needs support, morale, care and father love”, but these objections were ignored. Disregarded. I asked ‘do you want the kid to die to understand the emergency of the situation?’

İbrahim got worse on May 22, 2019 and was taken to hospital. The hospital gave a report stating “high risk of death”. The family’s lawyer immediately submitted this report to the court, calling the court head personally, just to ensure that the father could be with the boy in his last moments.

İrfan Oğuz Kılcan was released on May 22, afternoon at 5 pm. When he got out, the lawyer explained the situation. He went to İzmir on the first flight, but his son had passed away before he reached. İbrahim passed away at 11 o’clock, but his father could reach the hospital at 12:30. İbrahim Vuslat was inhumed the next day in Kayseri, his father’s hometown.

Father İrfan Kılcan stayed with his family for two to three months in Izmir, on the condition of not leaving İzmir and weekly two check-ins with police. When the lawyer warned him that as the excuse about his son was no longer valid, he could get arrested in the next trial, İrfan Kılcan decided to leave Turkey.

At the end, father İrfan Kılcan said: “I was in prison in the most difficult time of my kid, in the time frame when he needed his father most, for morale, for care. So he passed away longing for us, and we longing for him. Namely, disregarding of the severe handicap, the need of intensive care, the fact of heart transplant; despite all of these were reported in our written and verbal communication, despite seeing the kid in person and all kinds of hospital reports in their hand; makes a man feel crushed.”